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It’s cool drinking your own placenta

drinking placenta

One day, during a solitary lunch break – and you cannot understand the luxury of eating like a cave dweller, without setting the table, with no rush! well, probably some of you perfectly can – I was relaxing in front of the telly chewing on a big sandwich and watching a documentary on cats. I’ve got to say, it’s definitely much better than the news that will end up cramping my liver with all those sly and mendacious things they say just to screw your mind up. Anyway, I was there watching the life of cats and as I bite into my sandwich yeah… the cathartic moment for cat mom arrives, the delivery!
Maybe less details would have been much appreciated, like the old movies when they just showed you innocent foreplays between her and him and straight after they lay in bed with him smoking a fag and her saying “it was wonderful darling” while caressing languidly his hairy chest.
No, now they have to show every single detail, so cat mom pushes all the kittens out one by one and then eats her placenta, in three bites. A big huge close-up in full HD! I nearly choked and was about to puke my eyes out.
God, that’s disgusting! But hey, this is Mother Nature and the animals follow its rules, rhythm and flows.
This is fine for cat mom, for rhino mom, for elephant mom and even for warthog mom, but not for “homo not-very-sapiens” Claudia Galanti, the Paraguayan model and showgirl famous in Italy.
Well, she’d been more radical chic than the cat and she had it milk-shaken in a big glass, but she actually drank her own p-l-a-c-e-n-t-a (OMG I’m sick again).
She was immortalized like that, wearing a peach pink pajama, looking outside the window in a dreamy way and drinking her own placenta like she was languidly sipping on a steaming hot cup of coffee. “My own body gives me the best for my body! I drink my placenta. It’s good for my mood, for my skin…and for my princess!” She instagrammed to her followers.
It’s easy to guess that this placenta brew scoop is only the umpteenth trick to remind you of Claudia Galanti.
You have no idea how much I’d love to see her applying a beauty mask made of cow shit just because it fights free radicals and wrinkles. Her followers will skyrocket and it will definitely give me a kick!

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Enrica Costa

Buona ascoltatrice, buona chiacchiera, buona cosa su cui ha qualcosa da dire è come fare la mamma italica in giro per il globo, mettendo a confronto la mentalità  italiana con quella di mamme provenienti da ogni parte del mondo: le mamme sono mamme a qualsiasi latitudine, cambiano solo le tecniche con cui affrontano le stesse problematiche. Il suo compito sarà  quello di presentarvi queste diverse strategie. Continua a leggere

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