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Gwyneth Paltrow is not a lucky mom


OK, looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a divorce. So, another celebrity flushes marriage down the toilet. Well, at least she is doing it with class, no crazy fights, no public tears, no legal custody battles.
Also, Gwyneth is following her guru’s advice and practices what they call “conscious uncoupling“, which is some sort of aware separation – not necessarily consensual – It’s the positive acceptance of the fact that after a number of years marriage goes bad much like milk and all one can do is pour it down the drain.
You want my opinion? I don’t really care all that much. Which is not to say that I rejoice when things don’t work out in another person’s life, even if that person is a Hollywood mega star with a fabulous body, spectacular homes and a haircut that defies all natural laws.
It always makes me a little sad when a couple splits and I will go as far as to admitting that even I raised an eyebrow in disappointment when I first came across the news of the breakup.
Cynical me? Yes, maybe a bit. But, see, the problem is an interview Gwyneth released in which she made comments on normal moms holding normal jobs and those comments didn’t sit well with me and made me less inclined to cut “Mrs Overcooked Spaghetti Head” some slack.
The ones of us that are less bitter may say that those nonsensical comments stemmed from the shock of the recent ending of a love of ten years. And yet, knowing how eccentric this movie star can be, I write it off as the latest product of a mind that’s marinated too long.

So, in the interview, Gwyneth maintains that being an actress is the hardest job there is. And that, as a mom, she had to sacrifice a lot. The demanding schedule forced her to cancel vacations to the Bahamas, weekends in Rio, you name it. All of this was to the detriment of her relationship with hubby and kids.
How about getting a new job? Last I checked, farms are still in need of fresh manpower.
She also went as far as saying that moms with normal jobs – did she mean menial and undignified? – are a lot more fortunate than she’ll ever be.
Really? She must be right because it’s gotta be a lot easier not to know whether you’ll be able to keep your family on the healthcare plan, or wonder if you’ll make the school fees, utilities or just be able to shop for the basic needs. There are women out there that come home from a hard day’s work wondering whether they are good enough moms or if they have been deemed inept and their children will be taken from them by the Department of Children and Families.
Yes, all those grueling hours in front of a TV camera and the million dollar contracts would definitely make any woman feel blessed they didn’t end up like Gwyneth!
And I don’t doubt that Gwyneth has had to juggle career and family and has probably not always been successful in finding the right balance which has likely resulted in feelings of unhappiness and maybe even depression.
After all, though, I think she may be right. Maybe normal moms are more fortunate than her. Yes, because it’s a miracle this woman is still alive despite detoxing on mushroom broth and not much else, gurgling coconut oil and using rejuvenating face creams based on snake venom. Yep, snake. Apparently it’s safer than Botox, even if the clostridium bacterium doesn’t bite when one extracts the infamous inflating toxins!

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