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When the wounded womb of a mother speaks loudly than words


                                                                                                                                         “Ritratti di pancia” (“Belly portraits”)                                                                  The new photographic project of Gisella Congia                                                             from Monday, December 14, 2015, online launch event  Not only …

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10 things never to say to your childless friend


I have realized I was actually envying every single human being without kids (or those having them but over 25), only when I found myself with my hands clenched on …

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It’s cool drinking your own placenta

drinking placenta

One day, during a solitary lunch break – and you cannot understand the luxury of eating like a cave dweller, without setting the table, with no rush! well, probably some …

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About social media and cyber bullying


My husband (aka Mr Brambilla) has something to say about social media, cyber bullying and human relations among adolescents and adults. The news dates from back in March of this …

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The Terrible Twos and the harsh reality


I am in the waiting room of Davide’s doctor’s office for a routine checkup. Around us, three other moms with their children. Naturally, we enter a dialog concerning the two …

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The difference between who has children and who doesn’t

fare figli

Do you ever wonder why you decided to have children? I remember, before becoming a mother, I imagined being hopelessly in love with a flock of sweet bundles of joy. …

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Are you ready for a second child?


Your first child has just arrived. Labor may have been a cake walk or a boxing match with Mike Tyson. Either way, you’re exhausted and overwhelmed with emotions. Fatigue and …

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When the size of babies matters


When Matteo was born, an avalanche of emotions, feelings, and incoherent thoughts swept down my already unsteady psyche. If I think back to the first weeks as a new mother, …

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Gwyneth Paltrow is not a lucky mom


OK, looks like Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a divorce. So, another celebrity flushes marriage down the toilet. Well, at least she is doing it with class, no crazy fights, no …

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